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Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Throughout the school year, the PTA organises a number of events for parents and students alike. We have set-up a Facebook Group so that we can communicate with you more easily and we invite you to fill in the form below if you would like to be added to the Facebook page.

We would like also to know if you can help your school through the PTA. If you are interested, please tick the box hereunder and a member of the PTA Committee will contact you back.

Thank you for supporting your college.

The PTA Committee

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Facebook Consent Form

We/ I, the undersigned, request to join the Sacred Heart College PTA Facebook page. We/ I understand that our/ my access may be terminated by the PTA Facebook page administrator once our/ my duaghter/s leave/s the Sacred Heart College, or upon our/ my requirest by email to the PTA email address.

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We/ I, the undersigned, give our/ my consent to the PTA to sotre and use the email address/es and phone number/s above to communicate with us/ me.

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